Here you can find some of the projects i have worked on or still do. Feedback is aways apreciated.

#3 eCommerce platform

 eCommerce platform designed to fit most of the needs of online shops. New features will be added in time.
 Integrations in admin panel:
-Orders: keeping track of new orders and e-mail notification on new order.
-Reports: order id with products, quantity and shipping information.
-Add/Edit products.
-Categories: adding and removing dinamic categories.
-Users: easy managment of people with access to the platform.
-Slider: dinamic slider with hints about managing your images for better SEO.


 Project for an artist from Varna. She sales hand-painted sneakers and T-shirts with acrylic colors and wanted to expand her business online. At first it was static website, now it is custom eCommerce website with integration of PayPal and admin panel.

#1 Redesign and augmented gameplay of 2048 game

 This project was started to practice my CSS skills. Shortly after, I decided to change the gameplay a bit and add PVP mode where two people can compete against each other, which led to some JavaScript practice.The project is not fully completed, but it is on low priority for now.
 Added: Home page, PVP mode with two minute timer, Score extraction etc.
 Changes: Particial redesign , Button functions, Positions etc.
 To be done: User registration, Matching players, Comparing scores etc.

#0 This website

Project Zero ... my favorite kind of project.It is the beginning of something new, it is this thing that you are most excited about, you put all of your passion.I am creating this website so I and every interested party can track my progress throughout my coding journey.